Drift Diving in Fiji

Hear the word ‘paradise’ and what springs to mind? For many, it’s the sun-soaked islands of Fiji, with its azure blue coastline, abundantly rich waters and lavish resorts. As the ‘soft coral capital’ of the world, this remote island nation is a must-visit for divers seeking vibrant coral gardens, thrilling drift dives and dramatic topography. There are countless dive sites sprinkled across Fiji’s many islands, each with something unique to offer. However, thanks to Fiji’s remote location in the Pacific, the archipelago is subject to the South Equatorial Current, which creates the perfect conditions for drift diving. Here are our top choices for where to go drift diving in Fiji…

Shark Point, Koro Island

Shark Point, or Shark Fin Point, is on the northeast of Koro Island. It's a fantastic choice for drift diving in Fiji - especially for shark lovers. When the tide is moving, divers drift by a wall adorned with hard and soft corals, passing by colourful fish and small critters hiding in the reef. Usually, divers encounter huge schools of barracuda as well as large numbers of grey reef sharks and white tip reef sharks. Occasionally, manta rays and whale sharks make a guest appearance.

Nigali Passage, Gau Island

Nigali Passage is a must-visit when drift diving in Fiji, however, it's an elusive spot best experienced within a tight four-hour window each day, when the current is mild. The narrow passage ranges between 15 and 40 metres, but the best view is at a depth of between 20 and 25 metres. During the dive, be prepared to drift by schools of barracuda, red sea bass and snappers, as well as reef sharks, manta rays and eagle rays. Lucky divers may even encounter a hammerhead shark or two. The dive ends over a lovely cabbage coral garden right at the end of the passage.

North Save-a-Tack Passage, Namenalala Island

North Save-a-Tack Passage is an incredible choice for drift diving in Fiji. This spot is renowned for its turbulent and fast-flowing currents which are linked to the incoming tides. It's an exhilarating drift with visibility that can extend as far as 45 metres. Divers normally hop in on the east side of the passage, riding the inbound tide to finish on the west side, which has beautiful soft and hard coral bommies (offshore reefs), two of which are connected by a stunning arch decorated with black coral and gorgonian sea fans, making it a top spot for photographs. Along the drift, keep an open eye for the resident grey reef and white tip reef sharks, as well as the occasional silvertip and scalloped hammerhead shark. Other fish usually in the passage include dogtooth tuna and large schools of trevally and barracuda.

If you're considering drift diving in Fiji for your next holiday, our Original Diving team can work with you to put together a custom itinerary. We have the insider knowledge and the know-how to help you plan your dream holiday.

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