Drift Diving in Indonesia

With more than its fair share of amazing wreck dives, macro dives and muck dives, it's easy to forget that drift diving in Indonesia is equally as fantastic. The country’s location, right in the middle of the South China Sea, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, puts it at the mercy of strong currents and through flows, which provide the perfect conditions for drift diving. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway in Bali or want to travel somewhere more remote like Raja Ampat, there are countless drift dives to choose from all over the country. Keep reading to find out our top spots for drift diving in Indonesia:


Bali is the perfect choice for anyone looking to combine a luxury beach holiday with some world-class diving. In general, diving in Bali is wonderful, but when it comes to drift diving, Amed and Menjangan Island stand out as top choices.

Amed, on the east coast, has already made a name for itself as a great spot for muck diving, but Bunutan, with its medium to strong currents, is the perfect choice for an exhilarating drift dive. The site has a 500-metre drift alongside a colourful reef with plenty of darting reef fish. However, look out into the blue and there's a chance of spotting bigger creatures like black-tip reef sharks, barracudas and giant trevally.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is a must-visit for anyone wanting to go drift diving in Indonesia. These hard-to-reach islands are heralded for having the most diverse marine life in the country, if not the world, and there are plenty of amazing dive sites to choose from.

For drift diving, nothing beats Cape Kri in the Dampier Strait - a narrow channel between several islands known for its strong currents. Cape Kri is a thrilling drift dive, with a vibrant coral wall surrounded by large schools of groupers, sweet lips and snappers.

Another amazing area for drift diving is Misool Island, which is even more far-flung than the Dampier Strait, with countless dive sites to choose from. Gorgonian Passage, a channel between two islands, is a great choice, with large sea fans swaying in the current and a beautiful coral reef at the end of the dive.

Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is another one of our favourite spots for drift diving in Indonesia. Although it's less than an hour by fast boat from Bali, it's worlds away from Bali's crowds and mass development.

Blue Corner is by far the most popular dive site on the island. The site is a steep, rocky drop-off, frequented by large pelagics and colourful reef fish. During the drift, it's not uncommon for divers to spot reef sharks and even mola mola out in the blue.

Indonesia is the perfect choice for drift diving. But, with so many amazing places to choose from, deciding where to go can be a bit daunting. That's where we come in - our expert team has the know-how and experience to put together a custom itinerary for your dream holiday.

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