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The Coral Triangle region, nicknamed the ‘Amazon of the Seas’, is said to house more than a quarter of the world’s different coral species, and the sweeping Indonesian archipelago sits at the heart of this marine biodiversity hotspot. With one foot in the Indian Ocean and the other dipping its toes in the mighty Pacific, the sprawling Indonesian nation has long been on the radar of discerning scuba divers, and for very good reason. In addition to the plethora of pelagics and myriad muck-diving critters, the coral diving in Indonesia is right up there with the best of them, and the variety and colours on display are sure to amaze.

With more than 17,000 islands to choose from, planning a trip to Indonesia could be a little daunting, but our team of dive specialists has already lugged their dive gear the length of the archipelago to unearth the best coral diving in Indonesia. So we're here to share our findings and help you put together your ideal itinerary for discovering Indonesia's diving delights.

From perennial favourites such as Bali and Komodo to more off-the-beaten-track destinations in South East Sulawesi, Indonesia's dive sites are strewn with healthy hard coral and gently swaying soft coral. Diving in Indonesia is sure to leave you amazed and yearning to come back for more...


The Indonesian regency of Wakatobi gets its name from the four largest islands within the area-Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko-and is home to some of the world's most pristine reefs. Whether you choose to stay at the Wakatobi Dive Resort with its world-renowned house reef or to explore the islands via liveaboard, the kaleidoscopic colours of the corals on display will dazzle and delight divers of all levels.

Raja Ampat

While the eastern half of the island of New Guinea makes up mainland Papua New Guinea, the western side of the island is home to one of Indonesia's premier dive destinations: Raja Ampat. This group of islands, whose name means 'Four Kings', is considered the global centre of tropical marine biodiversity. And with over 600 recorded species of corals, it offers some of the best coral diving in Indonesia.


A stay on the east coast of the 'Island of the Gods' puts you in a prime location to discover its diverse dive sites. From the cooler, nutrient-rich currents in the south to the warmer waters on Bali's north coast, you will discover critters such as orangutan crabs and pygmy seahorses clinging to the different corals for protection. To see Bali's corals in all their glory, head to the black sand at Tulamben, which provides the perfect contrast to the multicoloured corals basking in the sun-lit reefs.

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