Advanced Diving in Grenada

With the sweet scent of nutmeg filling the air, the Caribbean island of Grenada is somewhat of a ships’ graveyard. Several ships have succumbed to a watery grave around the island, and with a few of them quite deep and prone to currents, there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy some advanced diving in Grenada. But you can rest assured that, in keeping with its chilled Caribbean vibe, there are also plenty of relaxing coral gardens and shallow wrecks to explore. The Spice Isle, so-called due to its nutmeg and mace production, has all the charm one would expect of a Caribbean destination – golden-sand beaches, lush mountains, dense rainforests and impressive waterfalls. And with the ideal balance between gentle reefs and more advanced diving in Grenada, you can be sure there’s something for everyone.

While our team of dive specialists love a 'research' trip to Grenada at any time of the year, a visit in early August is always extra special. The first Monday and Tuesday of every August are dedicated to Spicemas - Grenada's ten-day carnival. The vibrant colours of the reefs are matched onshore by the explosion of colour that comes with a Caribbean carnival in full swing.

Bianca C

Grenada's signature dive is one for the metalheads - the wreck of the Bianca C. Dubbed the 'Titanic of the Caribbean' due to its imposing size, the 600ft-long former cruise liner sank in 1961 and sits upright in 50 metres of water. Over the years, the Bianca C has been listed as one of the top ten worldwide wreck sites by several diving magazines, and upon descending, you'll immediately realise why. Dives usually start at the cruise ship's swimming pool before heading towards the funnel and foremast. As you swim or drift towards the bow area, keep your eyes open for spotted eagle rays, reef and nurse sharks, schools of Atlantic spadefish, well-fed moray eels and spiralling barracuda. The wreck lies between a healthy reef and the blue and is visited by denizens of both. The wreck's depth and openness to current make this a dive for the more experienced diver.

MV Shakem

Another of the deeper wrecks, the MV Shakem, falls into the territory of the more advanced diving in Grenada. The cargo ship took on water and sank in 2001, and now sits intact on the sea bed in 30 metres of water. Covered in colourful corals and sponges, divers with the necessary experience and certification can explore the captain's cabin and the engine room, while the propellers and anchor are also well-visited areas.

Wibbles Reef

The extensive Wibbles Reef is located a little further offshore than some of Grenada's other dive sites and is a little deeper. With the dive often involving a swift drift in addition to the depth, the conditions at Wibbles Reef can be a bit more advanced. Diving in Grenada features plenty of colourful reef fish, and Wibbles is no different. Keep an eye out for the purple-hued creole wrasse and striking French angelfish as you drift along.

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