Bimini Diving Holidays: An Overview

Bimini is the westernmost chain of islands in the Bahamas and home to some extraordinary marine life. Most notably, the great hammerhead shark which can be found in under 8m of the clearest blue water at arm's length. This is a very special and unique experience.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • Close encounters with the elusive great hammerhead and throw in a bull or nurse shark too
  • One of the few spots on earth that you can also swim with wild dolphins
  • A shark research lab on land that you can visit which reassures you that everything is being done, much like the rest of the Bahamas, to conserve these endangered species

Our Guide to Bimini Diving Holidays

The small islands of Bimini are known as the gateway to the Bahamas and harbour an amazing amount of marine life. The clear, warm water of Bimini flow from the Gulf Stream up onto the Great Bahama bank which is thought to attract marine life in all shapes and sizes.

There is a lot to see in Bimini but the star of the show is the great hammerhead shark. Nearly impossible to see anywhere else in the world, Bimini has become famous for its almost guaranteed sightings and we would go as far to say 'friendly' specimens. For photographers or videographers the opportunities are remarkable - crystal clear water, very close encounters and 8m of water so bottom time is longer.

But it is not all about the hammerheads! Throw in a bull shark or two and a nurse shark and this is one of the very best spots for shark diving on earth.

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