Diving in Grand Bahama: An Overview

There is not a huge amount happening on the island of Grand Bahama and there are more picturesque islands in the Bahamas. However, you do not visit the island for what lies on land - it's what lies beneath the waves that makes this spot appealing. Tiger sharks!

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • One of the few places on earth where you can get up close to tiger sharks
  • It is not only about the tiger sharks, but lots of lemon sharks too
  • Excellent dive team who will make sure you get the most out of the experience

Our Guide to Grand Bahama Diving Holidays

With the success of the 'Shark Adventure Dive' in New Providence, Stuart Cove's has branched out to the Out Islands for even more exhilarating dives with much bigger species! We have been to Tiger Beach in Grand Bahama which is the spot for tiger shark diving alongside 20 or so lemon sharks all at one time.

'Tiger beach', as it is known is, is one of the few places on earth where you are pretty much guaranteed close encounters with tiger sharks in lovely clear waters. Diving into a soup of lemon sharks, which in themselves are no small fish, you are soon aware of the much slower, larger and more cautious tiger shark that circles around sussing out the divers.

If you are a shark lover, combine a visit to Tiger Beach with Bimini for the great hammerheads or New Providence for the reef sharks and you are in for a real treat.

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