Frégate Island Private

Frégate Island Private, named after the graceful bird, is a near-perfect, 740-acre private island in the Seychelles, accommodating a maximum of 40 guests. This is the closest you will ever come to your own private island and proves you can have your eco cake and eat it, at a price!

Frégate Island is situated on the edge of the inner group of granite islands that lie at the heart of this far-flung Indian Ocean archipelago.

Frégate Island is a refuge for rare wildlife - endangered bird species make their home here, turtles lay their eggs on the sublime beaches, giant Aldabra tortoises wander around, and the elegant white-tailed tropic bird soars above the turquoise ocean. Happily, Frégate Island also makes a perfect refuge for human beings looking to escape the cares of the modern world for a few days.

Perched on the hillside above the whitest of sand beaches, the thatched villas provide guests with the highest degree of privacy and comfort, and have sheltered day-beds, individual spa pools, and sun decks to one side with panoramic views over the ocean. Surrounded by no less than seven stunning private beaches, some of which you can reserve for the day, this resort really does offer the pinnacle of privacy.

The relaxing atmosphere of Frégate Island lends itself to doing nothing, but that would be to miss out on the dazzling underwater world that encircles the island. The island's small but well-equipped marina offers watersports facilities including kayaks and windsurfers, plus deep-sea fishing boats available for charter as well of course, as diving.

Frégate Island offers some of the best diving in the islands, with extraordinary underwater landscapes and some amazing and unusual species. If you feel more adventurous, then another 50 sites await further afield.

The diving here is very easy and suitable for all levels. The water is not deep, nor is there much in the way of current, so it's an ideal place for learners. An added plus is that on surfacing, you are rewarded with the stunning sight that is Frégate Island, a reminder of the luxuries that await you on your return. Diving is done here on such a personal scale that they will not take more than two guests at a time unless you request otherwise.

Children are kept entertained with all kinds of fun activities at the Castaway Club, while for adults there's a cliff-top spa offering all kinds of pampering treatments. Frégate Island's two restaurants serve excellent food prepared largely with local produce.

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If you're looking for the ultimate in privacy, head over to Anse Maquereau beach and turn the sign at the top of the steps over to say 'Beach Occupied', then the beach is yours for the day.

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