There's no time like the present to book your family holiday, and we are firm believers that the family who dives together, stays together. Whether bonding with your partner, pushing your pre-teen to try new things or expanding the dive skills of your grown-up children, having built in dive buddies for life comes with serious perks.

ribbon eel

1. Indonesia

Experience the ultimate combination of cultural immersion and aquatic submersion; from temple tours and cookery schools overlooking the rice terraces to white beaches and manta, macro and muck dives.

shipwreck in Gozo

2. Gozo

Kayak along the rustic coastline, venturing into hidden bays and swimming in the warm aqua waters around this Mediterranean gem, or explore ancient historical sites and try some easy shore dives on wartime wrecks, reefs and dramatic rock formations.

Diver in Cenote

3. Mexico

Freshwater cenotes (collapsed limestone river systems), Mayan ruins and a barrier reef of drift divers' dreams await on the Yucatan Peninsula. Throw in a whale shark safari and a mangrove eco tour and the whole family is sure to be enthralled.

Monkey and Sigiriya

4, Sri Lanka and the Maldives

Enjoy a sunrise summit gazing upon the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya, tour the city ruins of Polonnaruwa and spot herds of wild elephants on safari in Sri Lanka. Then head to an overwater bungalow with manta ray dives and decadent island days in the southern Maldives.

close up of coral

5. Fiji

Dive the soft coral capital of the world, experiencing an appealing assault on the eyes while macro and mega fauna vie for your attention. On deco days, you can visit a traditional Fijian village for ancient folklore stories, embark on whale watching tours, snorkel the house reef or while away the hours on the golden beaches.

eagle ray

6. Mozambique

Spot the Big Five and take part in rhino conservation on a bush safari of your dreams in South Africa before heading to the Mozambique coast for a helicopter ride to the island paradise of Benguerra. Lounge by the pool, try your hand at riding or dip below the surface for encounters with turtles, dolphins, sharks, eagle rays and reefs teeming with fish.