It's aboat (sorry) time we let you in on a little not-so-secret-secret about liveaboards - liveaboard diving allows you to boldly go to where no day trip has gone before, setting sail to some of the most remote, pristine dive sites in the world. It's the crème de la crème of dive experiences, if you will. Whether you board a traditional phinisi boat or a luxurious floating hotel, are a snorkeller or advanced diver, want to up the dive count or combine it with land-based escapades, we know the very best, most adventurous liveaboards that scour the globe.

manta ray diving socorro


Part of the Revillagigedo marine reserve, Socorro is located a 250 mile voyage south of Baja California. The sea may be fairly rough in this region but it's worth it to dive with the local residents, which include giant manta rays, humpback whales, over ten species of shark, whale sharks and much, much more (find out what here).

marine life oman


With over 1,000 different types of fish calling the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman home, expect to see whirlpools of marine life, including giant honeycomb eels, lobsters, giant sting rays, turtles, nudibranch, pipefish and huge schools of fish aboard the Oman Aggressor.

guitar shark maldives


Cruise the Maldives' turquoise atolls aboard the luxurious ScubaSpa and enjoy the archipelago's more remote sites, including some rather spectacular channel dives (just ask Original Diver Amy). You'll dive with manta rays and snorkel with whale sharks (seasonal), spending surface intervals unwinding in the spa, exploring local islands and picnicking on deserted sandbanks.

marine life new britain, papua new guinea

Papua New Guinea

New Britain is located in the Coral Triangle with some of the most diverse reefs in the world. Access the best, most remote reefs aboard the MV Febrina. The proud child of Walindi Plantation Resort, the boutique vessel regularly sets sail to areas further afield such as Witu Islands, Fathers Reefs, South Coast New Britain and Rabaul.

Oceanic White Tip Shark in the Red Sea, Egypt


This is an eat-sleep-dive-repeat destination in all the right ways. Set sail aboard the Red Sea Aggressor to some of the best diving in Egypt, where divers will enjoy everything from close encounters with oceanic whitetips at Elphinstone to the thrilling currents of Brothers.

diving in Palau


More than 200 volcanic and coral islands, many of them surrounded by a single barrier reef, make up the Palau archipelago. Some of the best dive sites are an hour from shore, so it's best to explore these by liveaboard. Expect sheer drop-offs, coral-encrusted sea walls, caves, wrecks and marine life across the region.

hammerhead shark in cocos island

Cocos Island

If you're a seasoned shark buff, chances are you've heard (and dreamed) of Cocos Island, located 340 miles offshore from Costa Rica in the Pacific. Dive with hundreds of scalloped hammerheads or, for a very original experience, venture down to 100 metres in a deep sea submersible.

preying mantis shrimp, Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat

A vast and remote Indonesian archipelago boasting superb corals, wonderful marine life and technicolour macro critters, there really is no better way to explore Raja Ampat's best sites than by liveaboard. And luckily for you we have a number of luxurious liveaboards up our sleeve.

pregnant whale shark, Galapagos


The don of liveaboard experiences, esteemed names from Charles Darwin to Jacques Cousteau and Dr Sylvia Earle have ventured to this remote archipelago. And if you're embarking on the adventure of a lifetime, the Galapagos Sky is the cream of the crop. This is a very special trip.

Wreck diving in Chuuk Lagoon, Micronesia

Chuuk Lagoon

Whether you're mad on wrecks or not, Chuuk Lagoon should be on everyone's bucket list. The site of World War Two's Operation Hailstone, explore sunken Japanese war planes, wrecks, jeeps and tanks encrusted in soft corals and home to a wealth of marine life.