From the opulent desert-island retreats of the South Pacific to the chic beachfront cottages of the Caribbean, some of the world's most opulent dive resorts are a giant stride from the world's most celebrated reefs and dive sites. If a comprehensive pre-dive briefing is as important as the post-dive pampering options, there are plenty of palatial properties dotted around the world's most luxuriant reefs. Whether you're looking for self-imposed seclusion in the South Pacific, an intimate interlude in the Indian Ocean or a Caribbean private-island paradise, read on to discover the world's best luxury dive resorts.

luxury villa in French Polynesia with lights on at night

The Brando, French Polynesia

Nestled thirty miles north of Pape'etē, Tetiʻaroa, once the exclusive retreat for Tahitian royalty, is now home to The Brando - an eco-friendly, ultra-luxurious resort situated in the heart of the atoll. The Brando's 36 private villas skirt the island's lagoon, offering panoramic views of Turtle Beach and Mermaid Bay, framed by coconut-fringed shores. Beyond its tropical paradise ambiance, this resort stands as a testament to luxury, from the Varua Te Ora Spa, nestled in treetop pathways, to exquisite cuisine from world-renowned Japanese and French chefs. Then there's the diving.

What solidifies The Brando's status as one of the world's best luxury dive resorts is its surrounding marine-rich waters. The shark-infused cobalt-blue waters encircling the atoll harbour grey, blacktip and whitetip reef sharks, alongside Napoleon wrasse, barracuda, turtles and spotted eagle rays, which can be seen going about their business above the healthy coral-covered reefs.

Nurse sharks swimming with a school of fish in blue water

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort, Fiji

Perched on an eastern Savusavu Bay headland, Fiji's Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort offers a sustainable, luxurious escape amidst the 'Soft Coral Capital' of the world. The brainchild of legendary ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau's son, the resort sprawls over 17 acres, once a coconut plantation, with 25 Fijian-style bures nestled among swaying palms. Yet, it takes more than an idyllic setting to make it on our list of the world's best luxurious dive resorts.

The Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort has almost exclusive access to the nearby Namena Marine Reserve. There are 20 sites within a short boat ride of the resort, with many being wall and pinnacle dives in brilliantly clear, unspoiled waters. After a two-tank trip that may reveal dolphins, turtles, manta rays and tuna, as well as schools of hammerhead sharks, you can be back at the resort in time for a late lunch and an afternoon nap or holistic massage.

Aeriel view of forest covered islets in Raja Ampat with blue sea around them

Misool Eco Resort, Indonesia

The Indonesian archipelago of Raja Ampat sits in the bullseye of the Coral Triangle and is the most biodiverse marine region on earth. These sparsely populated islands are some of the most remote in Indonesia, and with only a handful of hotels, most divers opt to scour the archipelago by liveaboard. Yet, one secluded island is setting a new bar for sustainable luxury, earning a top spot as the world's best luxury dive resort.

Misool Eco Resort is a private island resort hidden deep among an archipelago of uninhabited islands in the south and is surrounded by the most biodiverse reefs on the planet. With just 19 overwater villas, crafted from reclaimed driftwood, and a staff-to-guest ratio of four to one, personalized experiences are guaranteed. Plus, with no other people for miles, you'll have the world's richest reefs all to yourself - it's your own slice of paradise. However, what makes Misool Eco Resort truly extraordinary is its dedication to conservation, which includes the creation of the 300,000-acre Misool Marine Reserve.

View of an overeater luxury bungalow in the Maldives with a private pool

Six Senses Laamu, Maldives

No list of the world's best luxury dive resorts is complete without a nod to the Maldives, an Indian Ocean archipelago renowned for its opulence. Among the several luxurious dive resorts scattered across the archipelago, Six Senses Laamu stands out as the epitome of barefoot luxury. This eco-luxury private island, located in the southern Laamu Atoll, was built using natural and sustainable materials, offering over-the-water and beachside suites and villas, many with private pools, and uninterrupted views over the turquoise Indian Ocean.

If you're a shark lover, the Laamu Atoll doesn't disappoint. Tiger sharks, hammerheads and several species of reef shark are commonly seen, as well as manta rays, eagle rays and turtles. The best part? As the only luxury dive resort in the Laamu Atoll, divers will likely have sites to themselves.

Luxury raised bungalow cabin with jungle surrounding on Alphonse Island

Alphonse Island, Seychelles

While the Seychelles may not boast the same glitzy opulence as its Indian Ocean counterpart, the Maldives, it is steadily gaining recognition among discerning divers. With over 100 islands spread far across the ocean, the Seychelles exudes a more rugged, Robinson Crusoe feel.

Alphonse Island, flung 250 miles south of Victoria, the Seychelles' capital, is enveloped by deep water. This remote private island is everything you would expect from a tropical paradise, with white-sand beaches fringed by swaying palms, patrolled by ginormous ancient tortoises. With just 27 rooms, suites and villas, peace and quiet are guaranteed, and you can relax on a private white-sand beach between small-group dives.

Beneath the waves, the island's remoteness translates to minimal commercial fishing, and as a result, the fish are noticeably large. The walls and drop-offs are frequented by huge schools of barracuda, trevally, batfish and snapper, and the deep blue is patrolled by hammerhead, bull, silvertip, tawny nurse, whitetip reef and grey reef sharks. Whale sharks and mantas can also be seen, and if you happen to be in the right place at the right time, humpback whales will ensure an unforgettable Seychelles adventure.

couple holding hands while snorkeling in the Caribbean crystal clear waters

Petit St Vincent, St. Vincent & The Grenadines

For a luxurious Caribbean castaway experience, Petit St. Vincent has few rivals. Known locally as PSV, it's the southernmost island in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, lying on the eastern edge of the Caribbean Sea.

Spanning 115-acres, this private island paradise is fringed with idyllic white-sand beaches and its surrounding ocean is home to some of the best dive sites in the Caribbean region. With numerous excellent dive sites just minutes away, including more advanced options, divers can encounter moray eels, lobsters, eagle rays, nurse sharks, sea fans and vibrant corals, all bathed in the warm, clear waters of the Caribbean.