Southern Atolls Diving Holidays: An Overview

Until recently the far south of the Maldives was only accessible by liveaboard dive boat. Nowadays there are some top quality resorts cropping up.

Venture into the Maldives Archipelago in the extreme south and you will know how the pioneers felt years ago. So much of the ocean and reefs have been unexplored and each liveaboard safari returns with a list of pristine, spectacular new thilas to investigate on the next trip. Resorts are rare and, with only a few liveaboards cruising the Southern Atolls of the Maldive Islands, you will often be the only boat as far as you can see.

Visibility is superb in the warm waters surrounding the atolls. Healthy corals are virtually untouched by humans. Large pelagics including whale sharks are attracted into the channels to feed on the profusion of smaller reef fish schooling close to the coral walls and submerged thilas.

We are big fans of the Maldives as a whole but the far south of the country offers something a little different.

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A Note on Price

All of our holidays are completely tailor-made and prices will vary based on things like when in the year you will be travelling, how far in advance you book, the class of flights included and the level of accommodation you choose. The guide prices shown across this website are designed to provide you with a broad indication of how much to budget for your trip.