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Diving Equipment

Must-Have Diving Equipment

If you're reading this, then the thought of purchasing your own set of diving equipment probably crossed your mind during your last dive. Either you're a new diver who's just finished their Open Water course and caught the diving bug (welcome to the club), or you're a seasoned diver who's…

macro diving clown fish

Best Macro Diving in the World

Every diver is different. There are divers who travel far and wide in search of the next best wreck to explore, those who can't get enough of megafauna or 'the big stuff', then there are those of us who can't keep our eyes off the seafloor, searching for the extraordinary, tucked away within…

Europe diving

The Best Diving in Europe

While diving may seem like a hobby reserved for exotic islands and far-flung destinations, you may be surprised to learn that Europe has its fair share of excellent diving spots. Europe is home to everything from world-class wreck dives (we're looking at you, Gozo) to unusual underwater…

coral reef

The Best Coral Diving in the World

When most of us began our diving journey, we envisioned ourselves in turquoise waters, exploring vibrant coral reefs and swimming through shoals of shimmering fish. That, and hanging out on a white sand beach, sipping on coconut water during surface intervals (go on, tell us we're wrong).…

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