When summer holidays are in full swing, planning an October getaway might not be front of mind, but we've got a word to the wise: there's no better time. You still have time to scoop those sought-after spots while availability is plentiful. Whether you're looking for a fast flight to a warmer climate, flush with underwater marvels and land-based adventures, or you're more keen to transport your family across the globe, where the underwater wonders and cultural beauty of the South Pacific await, we have you covered. Read on for a few of our favourite Autumn destinations, then plan that perfect half-term holiday with one of our dive specialists.

Mantis Shrimp with brood

1. Indonesia

From Sumatra's jungles, where orangutans, black gibbons and exotic birds can be spotted on wildlife treks; to Bali's black sand beaches, rice field bike rides and temple blessing ceremonies; to Northern Sulawesi dive sites, where the bewildering and bizarre macro critters of the Lembeh Strait lie in wait - Indonesia ticks all the boxes for the intrepid family. And there's nowhere better for Open Water checkout dives for the newly certified family member!


2. Tanzania

Explore relatively uncharted territory in the coral laden waters around Zanzibar and Pemba Island, both just off the Tanzanian coast. Exotic lagoons dotted with dhows, whale sharks congregating offshore and thriving reefs bustling with schools of fish await discovery in this cinnamon sand paradise.

manta ray

3. Seychelles

Whisk yourself away to a luxurious castaway experience on the island of Desroches, where you'll dive some of the most remote reefs in the Indian Ocean, home to macro oddities (seahorses, mantis shrimp, frogfish, nudis, and more) as well as huge schools of snapper and soldier fish. Spend surface intervals poolside, lounging in the sun and nibbling fresh poke bowls and locally made ice cream. With outer islands dotted around, you'll discover hotspots for mantas, dolphins and sharks (think hammerheads, bulls and oceanic whitetips).

mobula rays

4. Oman

From the fjords of the Musandam Peninsula to the aquarium conditions around the Daymaniyat Islands, dives in Oman are bursting with life and intriguing topography. Watch fevers of mobula rays sweep past, leaping from the water in acrobatic displays, while whale sharks cruise slowly through the area and boat rides are often escorted by local pods of dolphins.