Moyo Island Diving Holidays: An Overview

Moyo Island is home to a variety of animal and bird life from deer to wild boar, macaque monkeys, sea eagles and osprey. It is full of tropical rainforest and overlooks the waters of the Flores Sea.

The remote Moyo Island encompasses some 2,500 acres and hosts a number of small villages, with a total population of only 2,000.

The diving sites around Moyo are very good and the coral very healthy. The area hosts some incredible underwater biodiversity, and the water is wonderfully clear. Whether you choose diving on the reefs close to the shore, or at more distant sites, you will find pristine conditions, and few other divers.

It's impossible to see everything during a short stay on Moyo Island. It's so easy to become so entranced by the reef that all the larger life may well be swimming just behind you. Manta ray, green and hawksbill turtle, sunfish, sailfish, whale shark…they are all here, so seeing them is just a matter of luck. Luck aside, you are guaranteed serene diving in wonderfully clear water with no one else in sight, just some amazing sea life.

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