Diving and Snorkelling in Northern Norway: An Overview

The real draw in this region for Original Diving is the chance to snorkel with orcas and killer whales in a remote fjord. This is a world-class marine experience and one that is truly unique. It's not luxury but it is an epic adventure. Combine this with a chance to see the Northern Lights and husky dog-sledding for a trip of a lifetime.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • Snorkelling with orcas and humpback whales in a remote fjord. Epic.
  • Diving with unique and interesting critters.
  • Experiencing the Northern Lights.
  • Beautiful landscapes on all sides.
  • Wonderful Norweigan efficiency!

Our Guide to Northern Norway Diving Holidays

If it's a break from the humdrum routine you're after, then look no further than this extraordinarily beautiful region, and the charming people (and animals) who inhabit it.

Mention fjords and images of enormous cruise ships packed with pensioners might spring to mind, but this is an undeniably and staggeringly beautiful part of the world, and there are ways and means of seeing it besides from the deck of a cruise liner.

We residents of the UK should thank our lucky stars that we're located so close to a country with such dramatic landscapes, and with so much to do in said landscapes. While the likes of the Geirangerfjord and the Nærøyfjord are rightly UNESCO heritage sites there are other, less well known, places to explore in the region including a 'private' fjord at the end of which sits a tiny and remote homestead hotel.

There's also the impossibly pretty shoreline hugging city of Alesund, now serviced by direct flights from the UK meaning the whole area is even more accessible.

To the north of Alesund lies the Atlantic Road, recently voted the most incredible stretch of tarmac (as Jeremy Clarkson would no doubt say) '....... IN THE WORLD.' The Big Sur might have something to say about that particular result, but for sheer engineering flair and dramatic scenery this makes for a truly memorable road trip. There is some very interesting diving here.

Once you've stayed there and seen the rest of this stunning area in all its panoramic glory it won't just be Monty Python's Norwegian Blue parrot who'll be pining for the fjords.

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