Beginner Diving in The Seychelles

The Seychelles sit between the east African coast and the Maldives, and its remote and luxuriant reefs allow divers to marvel at the multifarious marine life and fill their logbooks with tales of the unexpected. The combination of luxurious private islands and out-of-the-way diving makes the Seychelles a great destination to take a break from the stresses of modern life. With relatively few divers journeying out to the outer islands, the reefs are pristine and virtually untouched, with the fish-filled shallows being as impressive as the deeper sites. Diving these remote, desert islands where few have blown bubbles before is a rare treat, and with the beginner diving in the Seychelles being as impressive as the more current-bashed sites, nobody will be heading home disappointed.

We love the sheer volume of fish on the dive sites, and the Seychelles' out-of-the-way location in the middle of the Indian Ocean ensures the bigger fish are regular visitors to enjoy the rich food sources and cleaning stations that are found around the islands. If you're looking to take in the best beginner diving in the Seychelles, we can tailor your dream itinerary to explore the islands and enjoy the rich Seychellois culture.


A voyage out to the Aldabra group of islands will place you closer to Madagascar than Mahé. The virgin reefs in this remote area are teeming with fish life: colourful clouds of anthias flit to and fro above the corals, as dogtooth tuna, wahoo and sailfish patrol the blue, keeping an eye out for a snack. The Seychelles' characteristic large granite boulders help to protect the reefs from the ocean's currents and ensure the diving is accessible for less-experienced divers. With thresher sharks and whale sharks making unexpected appearances, the trick to diving in the Seychelles is to train one eye on the reef while the other scans the surrounding blue.

Desroches and Alphonse

Closer to Mahé, Desroches and Alphonse are ideal locations to sample the excellent beginner diving in the Seychelles in a luxurious setting. These tranquil islands are surrounded by rich reefs and covered with lush vegetation, making them a nature lover's dream. After a day's diving, you can explore the island's trails by bicycle, keeping an eye out for giant tortoises, or relax with a cold one, surrounded by the calls of tropical birds as green and hawksbill turtles nest on the white-sand beaches.

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