Emily Chappell

Diving underwater next to coral

By Emily C
On: 7th March, 2023

Top Tips for Muck Diving

Most divers look for variation in their diving, and muck diving is something that provides just that. If you are looking for more than pretty reefs or pelagics, try your hand at muck diving, as these apparently 'baren' underwater landscapes are home to an endless supply of critters and…

Mototi Octopus

By Emily C
On: 22nd December, 2022

Critters of Dauin

  • Dumaguete and Dauin
  • Philippines

Dauin, located on the south coast of Negros Island, is known for being a 'critter hub' of the Philippines, and the area offers plenty of opportunity for divers to tick off a huge variety of wonderful creatures from their bucket lists. The Dauin area is possibly one of the best macro…

macro diving clown fish

By Emily C
On: 5th December, 2022

Best Macro Diving in the World

  • Philippines
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Indonesia
  • Tanzania

Every diver is different. There are divers who travel far and wide in search of the next best wreck to explore, those who can't get enough of megafauna or 'the big stuff', then there are those of us who can't keep our eyes off the seafloor, searching for the extraordinary, tucked away within…

humpback whale

By Emily C
On: 2nd November, 2022

Top Ten Humpback Whale Facts

Humpback whales can be found worldwide in all of the world's major oceans. They travel great distances every year and have one of the longest migrations of any mammal on the planet - some populations swim a whopping 5,000 miles from tropical breeding grounds to colder, more productive…

Manta ray

By Emily C
On: 1st September, 2022

Top Ten Manta Ray Facts

What diver doesn't dream of swimming alongside majestic manta rays? These charismatic and gentle fish, whose relatives include sharks, sawfish, electric rays and stingrays, certainly deserve a place on every diving bucket list.

Coral above and below water

By Emily C
On: 11th August, 2022

Marine Metropolises: The Importance of Coral Reefs

Known as the 'rainforests of the sea', corals reefs contain the most diverse ecosystems on Earth and are home to over 25% of all marine species. They are important not only in protecting coastlines from storms, erosion and wave action, but also provide a crucial source of income for millions…


By Emily C
On: 4th August, 2022

Over the Rainbow: The Most Colourful Sea Creatures

The ocean realm is home to sea creatures of many shapes and sizes, but it is the kaleidoscope of colour that resides within the oceans that is the most striking characteristic to remind us of its awe-inspiring beauty. Colour can be used as territorial warnings, for mating purposes or it can…

Coron Island, Philippines

By Emily C
On: 26th May, 2022

The Philippines vs. Indonesia: Battle for Asia’s Best Diving

  • Indonesia
  • Philippines

Rugby or football, Coke or Pepsi, the best James Bond (Sean Connery, obviously)… some debates are destined to rage on forever. When it comes to the battle for the best diving in Asia, the rivalry between the Philippines and Indonesia is legendary. Both countries share a prime spot in the…

By Emily C
On: 11th March, 2019

Chuuk Lagoon Wreck Diving: An Insider’s Guide to the Fujikawa Maru

  • Chuuk Lagoon
  • Micronesia

Guest blogger Charlie Munns, instructor on the Odyssey liveaboard vessel in Micronesia, has completed over 1,500 dives in Chuuk Lagoon, the ultimate wreck diving destination. Charlie explains some of the history of the area and takes us on a virtual tour of his favourite wreck.