Marine Life


Turtles can be found worldwide in all oceans except the Polar regions. The leatherback is the largest of the sea turtles and the largest ever found was 3m (9.8ft) in length and weighed in at 916kg (2,020lbs). The smallest is kemp’s ridley turtle which can measure up to 76cm (2.5ft) and weigh up to 45kg (100lbs). They have a life span of up to an impressive 80 years. Sea turtles hear vibration more than sound as we know it. Their eyesight underwater is good, and they have an excellent sense of smell.

Where to see turtles

Sea turtles come in many different sizes, shapes and colours and are arguably one of the most beautiful creatures to be found when diving or snorkelling. The most common species you are likely to come across are the hawksbill, greenback or loggerhead turtle. The largest variety, the leatherback can weigh in at up to 600kg!

Sea turtles do not have teeth, but their jaws have modified "beaks" suited to their particular diet. They do not have visible ears but have eardrums covered by skin. They hear best at low frequencies, and their sense of smell is excellent. Their vision underwater is good, but they are nearsighted out of water. Their streamlined bodies and large flippers make them remarkably adapted to life at sea which is lucky for them seeing as how they are not that well suited to life on land.

Females must come ashore to lay their eggs in the sand; therefore, all sea turtles begin their lives as tiny hatchlings on land. We've likely all seen the documentaries about the treacherous journey for the hatchlings from the beach to the sea and indeed beyond- not that many make it which makes it even more gratifying to see mature adults in our oceans. To dive with turtles really is a treat.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia


Australia offers great diving. As well as the Great Barrier Reef there are the wonders of Lord Howe Island and Ningaloo Reef.

Ulun Danu Temple, Bali


Bali and Lombok have great variety for divers including wreck diving, muck diving, mantas and even a chance to encounter the extraordinary mola mola.

Bahamas City view


Scattered like dabs of possibility on an adventurer’s palette, the Bahamas are ready-made for exploration. Just ask Christopher Columbus, he bumped against these limestone landscapes in 1492 and changed the course of history.

Archipelago, Mozambique

Northern Mozambique & Quirimbas Archipelago

The remote Quirimbas Archipelago is one of the last untouched wilderness areas on Africa’s Indian Ocean coast. And home to our favourite dive in the world, Neptune's Arm.

Bazaruto archipelago

Southern Mozambique & Bazaruto Archipelago

The most striking feature of the Bazaruto Archipelago in Southern Mozambique is its remote untouched beauty.

Mafia Island, Tanzania

Mafia Island

Little known Mafia is one of the only places you are virtually guaranteed whale sharks at the right time of year.

Highlands of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

This is one of the last few genuine frontier areas left on the planet. Mention Papua New Guinea and people will probably have visions of cannibals marauding through the jungle. Well, nowadays, the only headhunters you’re likely to come across are Australian recruitment consultants on holiday, but they – and you – would be among the first people to explore what is a truly original destination.

Green Coastline, Seychelles


Incredibly beautiful above the waves, the Seychelles is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday off the beaten track.

Turtle Waving

Galapagos Archipelago

Galapagos liveaboard diving, simply the best way to dive the Galapagos Islands.

Coral Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat just happens to sit right on the bullseye of the Coral Triangle, which is the area of highest marine biodiversity on earth. With more species of fish and coral than anywhere else on our planet, the diving here is jaw-dropping.

Turquoise Ocean, Sipadan


An oceanic island rising 2000ft from the floor of the Celebes Sea. This is a destination near the top of all divers’ bucket lists.

Beach umbrella in the Maldives


The Maldives is a world-class diving destination, particularly if you like diving with big fish. Above the waves you find pure white sand, blue seas and world-class hotels. What's not to like?

Diving off Babeldoab Island


Located midway between the Philippines and Guam in the western part of the Caroline Islands (this eastern part is known as Micronesia), the nation's claim to fame is now its world-class diving...

Pristine Similan Islands Beach, Western Thailand

Western Thailand

Off the western coast of Thailand, a group of islands called the Similans are home to the very best diving that can be found in Thailand. Here you can find whale sharks, mantas and other large pelagics.

Tubbataha Reef Sandbank

Tubbataha Reef

The jewel in the crown of Philippines diving.

Boat on the Loboc river, Bohol Island


Excellent diving, 'chocolate hills' and amazing wildlife. What more could you ask for?

Palawan Blue Lagoon


Just a short flight from Manila takes you to an extraordinarily beautiful group of islands with amazing resorts, diving and more!

Manta Ray, Micronesia


Described as the manta ray capital of the world, if you like the giant, majestic creatures then this is the place to come. Sharks in general are a big draw here.

Apo Island, Philippines

Dumaguete and Dauin

Incredible muck diving, beautiful reefs and one of our favourite hotels, this region is an absolute gem.

Chichen Itza

Yucatan Peninsula

Superbly varied diving and superb hotels make the Yucatan Peninsula a wonderful place to visit.

Aerial view of Grand Turk

Turks & Caicos

The Turks and Caicos is home to some wonderfully white sand and clear blue seas. Oh, and some very good diving.

Bahamas City view


Scattered like dabs of possibility on an adventurer’s palette, the Bahamas are ready-made for exploration. Just ask Christopher Columbus, he bumped against these limestone landscapes in 1492 and changed the course of history.

Wahiba Sands, Oman


Oman has spectacular scenery, both over and under the water. And the bonus, it's relatively quiet and untouched when compared to its Middle Eastern neighbours.

Pyramids in Giza, Egypt


Egypt has vast historical and cultural aspects, and also offers world class diving, all within striking distance of Europe.

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