At Your Service

We’re called Original Diving for a reason. It’s because we’re constantly looking for ways to make your holiday as perfect as possible, from the way we plan the trip to the authentic experiences you’ll enjoy while away. Those added touches include several that no other UK-based travel company offers. We like to call it Original Thinking.

Carbon Offsetting

100% Carbon Absorption

We are proud to state that we have taken the important step of absorbing 100% of the carbon footprint generated by the air transportation of each holiday taken by our clients. We have also decided to include those flights independently booked by clients. In order to achieve this goal, we are participating alongside eight European groups in the new €100m Livelihoods Carbon Fund, to help fight global warming. We are doing so by taking a highly practical approach aimed at having a strong local social and economic impact. Among the new projects funded by this fund, we are working on mangrove replanting in the Sundarbans region of India, and in the north of Sumatra, Indonesia. By helping to replant thousands of hectares of mangroves and forests, we ensure the capture of hundreds of thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gases annually, neutralising all emissions related to our client's holidays and those of our employees. We believe that we are the first company in the UK travel market to be taking this step.