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These waters of New Ireland are famed for the current and big pelagics that come with it. The place used to be overrun with sharks but dubious finning practices have reduced numbers significantly. However, since this practice was stopped, the sharks have been returning and on some dives it is now not uncommon to see up to 20 reef sharks (grey reef, white and black tip) on a single dive.

The island province of New Ireland in the far north of Papua New Guinea is a two-hour flight from Port Moresby. New Ireland is a far flung part of the country and one of the main attractions is the remoteness of it. Once there you really do feel that you have escaped.

Diving is the main activity here. While these waters are best known among divers for the current and big pelagics that come with it, it's not just the big stuff that draws people here, as the macro life is also superb. You will see large numbers of nudibranchs (always a favourite), leaf scorpionfish, mandarin fish, ghost pipefish and all manner of other interesting critters. You could easily dive here for a week without getting bored.

Away from the diving there is excellent surfing, good fishing, archaeological sites of interest...but this is more a place that you just come to be away from it all. And to dive to your hearts' content.

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