Advanced Diving in Micronesia

The four Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) – Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae – are scat-tered across the western reaches of the Pacific Ocean, just north of the equator, and boast some of the world’s best and most remote diving. Yap’s all-but-guaranteed magnificent mantas and the ‘Ghost Fleet of Chuuk Lagoon’ have long since featured on divers’ bucket lists, and with plenty of sharks and some strong currents at times, those seeking more advanced diving in Micronesia will not be disappointed...

Chuuk Lagoon

Formerly known as Truk Lagoon, Chuuk Lagoon tops every wreck diver's dream dive destination list. The lagoon housed Japan's main naval base in WWII's South Pacific theatre, and today it is considered the largest underwater military cemetery in the world, with 60 ships and 400 planes scattered across the lagoon's floor. Many of the well-preserved wrecks rest below 40 metres and are therefore classified among the more advanced diving in Micronesia.

Submarine wrecks and downed bombers lie shoulder-to-shoulder with impressive tankers and make Chuuk Lagoon a living museum and a true wreck diver's paradise. One of the lagoons best-loved wrecks, the San Francisco Maru, rests at 50 metres. Known as the 'Million Dollar Wreck,' this sunken ship still contains much of its expensive cargo, including three tanks and large guns on its decks, which make up one of the lagoon's most iconic images. For those who are tech certified, there's an even wider array of wrecks on offer, but you don't need to be a depth junky to enjoy Chuuk. The Fujikawa Maru is often referred to as 'the wreck of Chuuk lagoon,' thanks in part to the fighters in its hold, and it starts a mere nine metres below the surface...


Yap is the westernmost of the Federated States of Micronesia, lying north-east of Palau in the Caroline Islands, and is famed for its year-round manta ray sightings. Its waters are incredibly diverse, with much more to see than 'just' mantas. Mandarin fish, reef sharks, eagle rays and bumphead parrotfish are just some of the other highlights commonly encountered on Yap's dive sites.

While the chance of watching trains of manta rays circle the cleaning stations is the main draw, Yap has plenty of other cool creatures and critters to spot. Among the more advanced diving in Micronesia,Yap Caverns has myriad tunnels, chimneys, and canyons patrolled by reef sharks.

For advanced divers, Yap also has thrilling drift dives along Mi'l Channel. Dives can be a superb, fast-paced drift down the centre of the channel, and when the current flies, it's definitely up there with the best of the advanced diving in Micronesia.

Our team of dive travel experts have plied the western Pacific and can help you tailor your own dream itinerary to take in the best of the advanced diving in Micronesia. Take in the mantas of Yap and the WWII wrecks of Chuuk on a dual-destination adventure, or pair either with the Philippines or nearby Palau for a truly epic Pacific diving odyssey...

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