Puri Jati Diving Holidays: An Overview

While many people may not have heard of Puri Jati on Bali's north coast, among divers it's known as one of the best spots on the island for muck diving. The area's black sandy slopes provide a striking contrast, making it a wonderful spot for underwater photographers.

Located in Bubunan, a couple of miles west of Seririt, Puri Jati is an easy shore dive filled with weird and wacky creatures. From the beach there's a gradual slope to a depth of roughly ten metres, after which, the seafloor becomes much steeper, dropping to depths of over 20 metres. However, most of Puri Jati's wildlife can be found around the ten-metre mark or shallower.

Diving in Puri Jati is by no means glamorous, as sadly it's not unusual to come across litter or debris, but the sheer volume of interesting creatures more than makes up for it. Divers often come across mimic octopuses, frogfish and vibrant dragonets on a typical dive. Those with a keen eye might even spot a well-camouflaged Ambon scorpionfish.

If you're thinking of diving in Puri Jati next time you're in Bali, our expert team can help you with a custom-made itinerary.

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