Secret Bay Diving Holidays: An Overview

Secret Bay is a renowned muck diving spot on the northwest side of Bali, a world away from the hustle and bustle of the busy south. Although it's becoming less and less of a secret by the day, it remains relatively quiet and has retained its authentic charm.

At a glance, Secret Bay is nothing spectacular. A stone's throw from Gilimanuk, to locals, this area is better known for the ferry terminal that runs between Bali and Java. However, under the water it's a different story, thanks to the cool and clear waters that are pushed into Secret Bay, bringing with them an endless supply of nutrients and larvae.

Diving in Secret Bay is like being transported to another world, with varied terrain that hides a myriad of unusual creatures. North of the entry point, eelgrass beds conceal sea hares, nudibranchs and seahorses, while the small wooden wreck close to the beach is home to banded cleaner shrimp, pipefish and schools of glassfish. It's also fantastic at night, with appearances from cuttlefish and Bobbit worms, so it's well worth venturing out on a night dive here.

If you're thinking about diving in Secret Bay next time you're in Bali, our expert team can help you with your dream itinerary.

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