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A stone's throw away from some of Raja Ampat's best dive sites along the Dampier Strait, Papua Explorers Resort is the perfect option for divers wanting to dive in Raja Ampat without taking a liveaboard.

Papua Explorers is built on conservation. Literally. the resort was constructed using local, natural materials with minimal impact on the local environment. There are just over 15 water bungalows that extend from the rainforest out onto the Ocean, featuring a spacious veranda with uninterrupted ocean views and direct access to the sea. The perfect escape for anyone wanting (and to be honest, who wouldn't) to shake away the shackles of everyday life for harmony in the natural environment.

The restaurant, also overwater, serves up delicious traditional Indonesian cuisine and international dishes; perfect for refuelling after a morning spent diving, while later in the day guests can slurp on sunset cocktails as the sky becomes emblazed in hues of pink and orange, sound tracked by the calls of nocturnal animals awakening in the jungle.

It comes as no surprise that Raja Ampat holds the prestigious title as being the most marine bio-diverse place on earth. With 1,427 reef fish (and counting) as well as 75% of the world's coral species. The exceptional dive team consists of 11 skilled Indonesian dive guides who know the area like the back of their hand; they may even find you all 1,427 species (spoiler: not guaranteed). There are also five instructors for guests looking to build their certification repertoire. The resort itself is located near to some of the most coveted sites in the entire region, be it Manta Point, which is a 30 minute boat ride away, or Odtima, a short five minutes away.

A huge draw to the resort is the Papua Explores Foundation, which was established with the aim to conserve marine life through its onsite conservation centre, the Raja Ampat SEA centre, which works with scientists and local community members to conserve the local marine life. Guests are whole heartedly encouraged to visit the centre to learn about the incredible marine biodiversity and volunteer on various initiatives to gain a deeper understanding of the surrounding environment. The resort also pushes an impressive portfolio of eco-friendly initiatives, with a huge focus on minimalising the use of harmful products and plastics. Other activities guests can enjoy during dry days include day trips to Wayag Islands, argued to be some of the most beautiful islands in Raja Ampat, waterfall treks, birding, kayaking and so much more.

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Not only is Papua Explorers Resort a perfect option for divers who want to visit Raja Ampat sans liveaboard, but is also guaranteed to cast a spell on whoever enters its remarkable waters.

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