India Diving Holidays: An Overview

Pretty much indisputably the most vibrant country on Earth, India can conjure up a multitude of conflicting emotions during any stay. As a result it's not everybody's cup of chai, but those who fall for the subcontinent fall hard, and become lifelong devotees.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • Incredibly diverse landscapes from the himalayas to the jungles of central India to the deserts of Rajasthan.
  • Endless cultural gems to be explored.
  • Scuba diving in the remote Andaman Islands with excellent dive sites such as Barren Island and Narcondam.

Our Guide to India Diving Holidays

India is a place of unparalleled diversity - from the soaring Himalayas in the north to the seemingly endless string of white sand beaches in the south, the country has something for everyone, be it impressive landscapes, outstanding cultural sites, colourful festivals, relaxing mountain or coastal retreats and invariably friendly people.

There are innumerable experiences - far too many for just one trip - that Original Travel's India team can talk you through in the search for the itinerary perfect designed just the way you want it. In an ever-changing country, we are constantly adding to our knowledge of this vast region, through travel and research, and including more unusual and out of the way places in our portfolio from the French influenced Pondicherry to the Temples of Tamil Nadu.

From a diving perspective, while there is some scuba diving in India around the mainland coast (apparently there are whale sharks off Gujarat!) the main draw is the Andaman Islands and we are one of the only companies currently offering it as a destination. It's remote and exciting and the scuba diving is fantastic.

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