The Detail

It's the little things that make a big difference to your holiday. We've curated 31 little things that hopefully represent the attention to detail and thoughtfulness you'll receive when booking an Original Travel or Original Diving holiday.


One point of contact

No hot potato call centre antics - just one point of contact throughout the booking process and a dedicated service consultant to assist with any pre-departure questions, or post-booking arrangements.


Pre-book your flight seats

Those pre-held flights and contracts we talked about earlier? We can also request specific seats (subject to availability) and advise on the best seats given the configuration of your actual plane.


Handpicked holiday playlist

Some places just work better with a soundtrack, and we have created exclusive destination-specific playlists (via Deezer) to listen to in situ.

Isabel has worked incredibly hard and given so much thought towards ensuring what appears to be the perfect holiday, meeting all of our requirements. It is due to Isabel's thoughtfulness, knowledge and effort that I have made the decision to book with Original Travel.

Annie, went to South Africa in 2015

18 Borrow a GoPro

If you're going on a winter sports or diving holiday, record your adventurous escapades on one of Original Travel's GoPros. All we ask is that you return it in one piece. And maybe share a video or two! Please click here for terms and conditions.