Advanced Diving in Oman

The Gulf of Oman often gets overlooked in favour of the Red Sea, wherein lies the charm. While Oman’s plankton-rich waters have less visibility than its famous neighbour, thriving reefs and a staggering amount of marine life more than makes up for it. Home to 22 species of whale and dol-phin and 1,000 species of fish, this is an untapped oasis in the Arabian Sea. Above water, Oman beckons adventure, with arid sand dunes, lush wadis, rugged mountains and beautiful beaches to explore. If you too are drawn to off-the-beaten-path adventures, we can curate a tailor-made Oman diving holiday itinerary to experience all that Oman has to offer. Experience the best advanced diving in Oman, explore the labyrinthine souqs of Muscat and maybe even a spot of whale watching from the southern islands...

Musandam Peninsula

Crowned by the craggy Western Hajar Mountains - the highest mountain range in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula - the Musandam Peninsula offers a wholly unique diving adventure. There's no coral here, instead the jagged, steep mountain ridges that dominate the landscape continue below the surface, creating a series of fjord-like, narrow inlets. Strong currents flow throughout the peninsula, so the sites are better suited for advanced diving. In Oman, there is a surprising variety of marine life, and the Musandam Peninsula is no different; keep your eyes peeled for grey and blacktip reef sharks, eagle rays and green turtles, as well as a smattering of cool macro critters and nudibranchs.

Fahal Island & Al Munassir Wreck

The plankton-rich waters funnelling into the mouth of the Gulf of Oman can lead to inconsistent visibility, but they also attract whale sharks, mobulas and mantas. Just outside of Muscat, Fahal Island attracts all the big fish, with regular sightings of blacktip reef sharks, leopard sharks - also known as zebra sharks - and mobula rays, adding to the beautiful corals on display. When the currents are running close to the full and new moon sites are best suited to experienced divers.

The Al Munassir wreck is another great site for those seeking advanced diving in Oman. Scuttled in 2003, this former 3000-tonne English trooper is now an artificial reef teeming with marine life. Resting at a maximum depth of 28 metres, advanced divers can explore the vessel's nooks and crannies for honeycomb moray eels, rays and technicolour nudibranchs.

Daymaniyat Islands

To the west of Muscat, the Daymaniyat Islands - an archipelago of nine uninhabited rocky islands - is one of the 'fishiest' places in Oman. This protected nature reserve is the place to go to see whale sharks alongside turtles, rays and leopard sharks, especially when the plankton blooms. If you're interested in enjoying the more advanced diving in Oman, dive here during a full or new moon phase.

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