Coral Diving in the Bahamas

Christopher Columbus was the first European to set eyes on the island nation of the Bahamas, making his first landfall in the ‘New World’ in 1492. Voyagers to the archipelago have been admiring its natural beauty ever since, and the island group has even been complimented by astronauts, with it being described as ‘the most beautiful place from space’. But we recommend a more up-close and personal inspection of the Bahamas’ beauty, with the chance to enjoy pristine beaches, healthy shark populations, a warm and winterless climate and plenty of colourful coral. Diving in the Bahamas allows you to explore two James Bond film sets in the company of great hammerheads, Caribbean reef sharks and tiger sharks, all with beautiful coral providing the perfect backdrop.

Our team of dive travel specialists love exploring the myriad islands of the Bahamas and can tailor a bespoke itinerary to ensure you visit the right areas at the right time of year, ensuring the Bahamas' bucket-list dives are at their best.

While the Bahamas' biggest draw may be its shark diving, the coral diving in the Bahamas is also among the best in the region. Boasting the world's third-longest barrier reef, several Marine Protected Areas and more than twenty coral nurseries, the Bahamas are actively seeking to protect and improve the health of their coral reefs.

The Abacos

The idyllic island group of the Abacos sits at the northern tip of the Bahamas and boasts some of the best coral in the archipelago. The Perry Institute for Marine Science declared the area home to the highest cover of live coral in the Bahamas. In addition to the excellent coral diving, the Abacos are blessed with endless white-sand beaches, luxurious hotels and villas, and beautiful colonial architecture in their towns.


Not only is it home to some of the healthiest coral in the region, but the Andros Barrier Reef is also the third-longest barrier reef in the world. Having been protected from overtourism, the Andros Barrier Reef is in fact one of the healthiest reefs remaining on our beloved planet and one of the best places for coral diving in the Bahamas. North and South Andros are two of the largest islands in the archipelago, yet their populations are quite small, making Andros a great location to relax both on land and beneath the waves.


The collection of islands and cays that make up the Exumas are oft touted as the most beautiful area within the Bahamas. And the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park has ensured the area is blessed with some of the healthiest reefs in the archipelago. Throw lemon sharks, Caribbean reef sharks and hammerhead sharks into the mix, and you have some of the best shark and coral diving in the Bahamas to explore.

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