Coral Diving in Bali

When we think of Bali, our minds may automatically jump to the beaches of Seminyak or the temples of Ubud, however, those in the know will tell you that Bali is also a stunning dive destination. With warm waters throughout the year, healthy coral reefs and an abundance of marine life, it’s no surprise that coral diving in Bali is fantastic. While there are wonderful spots all over the island, particularly on the east coast, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite locations in Bali for coral diving.


Tulamben, on the east coast, is most renowned for its incredible wreck, the USAT Liberty. But all along the coast there are shallow water reefs to discover, our top choice being the Tulamben Coral Garden. This is a great spot for those learning to dive or looking to polish their macro photography skills.

The shallow reef sits at depths of between three and 15 metres, with sprawling table corals, sponges and sunken Balinese statues. Keep your eyes peeled for colourful ribbon eels, banded coral shrimp and anemone fish hiding within their anemone homes.

Padang Bai

Padang Bai, another east coast hotspot, is one of our top recommendations for coral diving in Bali. The coral reef at sites like the Blue Lagoon, White Sand Beach and Tanjung Sari is in great condition, with a diverse range of soft corals, hard corals and gorgonians.

The dive sites are teeming with reef fish such as clownfish and napoleon wrasses, as well as species like green turtles and pharaoh cuttlefish. At Tanjung Sari, it's also common to spot sharks (nurse, blacktip reef and whitetip).

For night dives, we suggest heading to the Blue Lagoon where flamboyant Spanish dancers and juvenile leopard sharks might make an appearance.

Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island off Bali's northwest shore is the ultimate location for coral diving in Bali. The island is part of one of Indonesia's oldest national parks, so it's no surprise that this underwater paradise is characterised by crystal clear waters, vibrant coral gardens and an abundance of species.

Visibility at dive sites around the island can reach an impressive 50 metres and over 110 species of coral have been recorded here. Its waters are home to some spectacular wall dives, our favourite being POS II Ranger Station (which is suitable for beginners and great

fun for advanced divers). Expect to see gorgeous corals, schooling jackfish and turtles, as well as eagle rays and reef sharks near the ocean floor.

With so many incredible dive sites around the island, coral diving in Bali is a wonderful adventure for families, couples or solo travellers. If you're considering visiting Bali, why not let our expert team help you plan the perfect itinerary?

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