Top Ten Places to Learn to Dive

So, you’ve committed to becoming a fully-fledged scuba diver (or, if you’re still on the fence, let us convince you why you should become scuba qualified)? These days, learning to dive no longer means freezing your fins off in a flooded quarry in Blighty as there are endless opportunities across the world to practise breathing bubbles. Whether you want to start your logbook spotting turtles or hover above rainbow coloured reefs, we can create a tailor-made adventure to suit your interests. For a flavour of what to expect, discover the top ten places to learn to dive.
1. Learn to Dive in Gozo

Fact: Gozo is the best place to learn to dive in Europe. Budding divers can blow their first bubbles straight from the shores of this tiny island, which boasts a plethora of shallow, easy sites in excellent visibility and the best diving in the Mediterranean.

2. Learn to Dive in the Red Sea, Egypt

The Red Sea is fabled for its beautiful coral reefs and excellent marine life, which in some areas start a few fin kicks from the shore, ergo divers can learn their technical skills alongside eagle rays, turtles and so much more.

3. Learn to Dive in the Maldives

The Maldives' turquoise lagoons are the perfect pools for divers mastering their scuba skills which, paired with some of the best house reefs in the world across the archipelago's private islands, will have you hooked for life.

4. Learn to Dive in Grenada, Caribbean

Located outside of the hurricane belt, divers can learn the tricks of the trade year-round in Grenada. The laidback Caribbean island is surrounded by shallow, healthy reefs, an underwater sculpture park and wrecks allowing divers to start their logbook in style.

5. Learn to Dive in Bonaire, the Caribbean

Bonaire is the shore diving capital of the world, making it the perfect playground for divers on their open water course; and with a huge array of both big and small marine critters, as well as some of the healthiest corals in the Caribbean, is a great option for learner divers.

6. Learn to Dive in the Philippines

There are endless options for learning to dive across the entire Philippines archipelago, from starting your scuba journey in style in Dumaguete by ticking off incredible muck and coral diving, to the incredible coral covered walls and topside adventures in Bohol - there is something for every interest.

7. Learn to Dive in the Bahamas, Caribbean

Another one from the Caribbean, the Bahamas is truly exceptional for divers who want to start their logbooks a la James Bond (literally, the wreck featured in Thunderball rests off Nassau), not to forget incredible shark encounters and the beautiful coral reefs off Andros.

8. Learn to Dive in Lombok, Indonesia

Learning to dive in Lombok gives budding divers an excellent introduction into the incredible diving across the country, with beautiful coral reefs, turtles, manta rays and shallow underwater sculptures to explore in bath-warm waters.

9. Learn to Dive in Belize

While Belize's main claim to diving fame lies in the Great Blue Hole, closer to shore there are excellent diving opportunities for open water divers along the barrier reef, which is the second largest in the world. Above water, Belize has a smorgasbord of ancient ruins, jungle and quintessentially Caribbean beaches so divers can have their cake and eat it too.

10. Learn to Dive in Fiji

Taking the plunge in Fiji is always a good idea. Giant stride into another world characterised by psychedelic soft coral cities, topped with equally kaleidoscopic tropical fish residents - and all in HD visibility. Above water, be seduced by castaway islands, screensaver sunsets and some of the friendliest people on Earth.

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