Aw Shucks Dive Site

With a diverse mix of patch reef, rubble and sandy slope, Aw Shucks, which borders a pearl farm in the Lembeh Strait, harbours a wide variety of interesting critters. Although the site doesn't boast pristine reefs or flashy pelagics, it's a terrific muck site that's not to be missed when diving in Sulawesi.

The site is a short boat ride from the shore, with an average depth of 18 metres and an average visibility of eight metres. Divers can expect to see a variety of nudibranchs, leaf scorpionfish and cuttlefish hiding away among the shallow coral patches and sponges. It's the black sandy slope that is the main draw though, with mimic octopus, sea moths and ghost pipefish all inhabiting the otherwise barren landscape.

We also recommend keeping an eye out for mushroom-coral pipefish when diving in Aw Shucks. These unusual creatures are well camouflaged and can sometimes be spotted weaving in and out of mushroom coral tentacles.

If you're thinking of diving in Aw Shucks next time you're visiting the Lembeh Strait, our expert team will be more than happy to help you craft your dream itinerary.

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