Hairball Dive Site

Hairball has a firm reputation as one of the best critter sites found along the Lembeh Strait. Located just off the coast of northern Sulawesi, Hairball's black sandy slope is considered a true muck dive filled with weird and wonderful creatures.

There are two Hairball dive sites, Hairball One and Hairball Two, however, the original is by far the most popular, despite both sites being quite similar. With a depth of between three and 30 metres, diving in Hairball is not for the faint-hearted. There are no corals in sight, but rather a mixture of sand, algae and sponges throughout the gentle slope.

Surprisingly, the somewhat barren landscape hosts a wide variety of marine life, with keen-eyed divers coming across several species of frogfish, well-camouflaged seahorses and Ambon scorpionfish. During night dives, it's also possible to see eerie half-buried stargazers.

Hairball Two, nearby, is home to a similar variety of creatures, with the added bonus of almost guaranteed sightings of common seahorses at shallower depths.

Diving in Hairball is a must for anyone visiting the Lembeh Strait. If you're thinking about adding this spot to your Indonesia diving itinerary, our expert team can help you figure out the logistics for the smoothest trip possible.

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Map of Hairball Dive Site - Lembeh

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