Best Time to Dive in Philippines

The Philippines is a complex destination when it comes to weather patterns, with four main weather seasons across the country. Consequently, you can dive in the Philippines year-round, but there are certain areas to avoid in the wetter season.

Generally, across the country the best time to dive is between December and April, as this is the dry season. The traditional wet season is between June and October, and in Palawan in particular, the rain is heaviest and generally should be avoided. In the central Visayas, however, conditions can still be lovely at that time of year, with calm waters and good visibility. The shoulder months of November and May can also have great diving with pleasant weather, depending on location.

As the Philippines is spread across a large area covering thousands of islands, the best time to dive depends on where you head. See below for an idea of when to dive in each specific region or speak to our team for their expert advice.

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