Private Dive Safari

Private tented camps, yachts and diving are what make this trip so special. You just can’t get it anywhere else.

This trip is tailored to you your specific requirements but combines top class hotels with private luxury yachts and the very best private tented camps that allow you to get to the places that others can't. A standard route which is suitable for individuals, couples or groups as large as 20 would be to start with a night at the Chedi, Muscat's most stylish hotel, before departing on your own private yacht for two nights cruising and diving the Daymaniyat Islands and finally heading to your very own private tented camp for two nights at Wahiba Sands and ending with a night of pampering and relaxation back at the Chedi.

This dive safari will allow you to go diving in a number of locations. The jewel in the crown of an Oman dive safari is Daymaniyat, a chain of islands approximately 18km off shore from Al Batinah, stretching 20km in an east to west direction. There are 15 different dive sites dotted along 9 main islands with numerous rock satellites, reefs and shoals. A great dive location to entertain all levels of divers.

Large amounts of plankton in the water mean that the visibility is generally not as good as can be found in other parts of the world, but it does mean that the sheer volume of fish is stunning. It also increases your chances of seeing the big stuff with whale shark not an uncommon phenomenon.

We work with only the best dive centres, boats and equipment so you can experience these pristine waters in style.

Why We Love It
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How about being the only people allowed by the government to camp on the unspoilt Daymaniyat Islands, the jewel in the crown of diving in Oman?

Jacqui, Original Diver

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Jacqui and Tom are our 'Private Dive Safari' experts and as seasoned travellers they have the inside track on the most memorable adventures.

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