Coral Diving in Micronesia

Best known among divers for the swooping mantas of Yap and the WWII wrecks of Chuuk Lagoon, the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) also boast excellent coral diving. In Micronesia, not only do you get to enjoy all-but-guaranteed manta rays and some of the world’s best wreck dives, but you also get to do so with few other divers in the water. While the epic journey keeps the crowds away, those that do venture to these remote Pacific Ocean islands are rewarded with pristine reefs, curious reef sharks and occasional pods of dolphins. And that’s on top of the year-round manta rays at Yap, the 70-odd WWII wrecks at Chuuk and the all-round colourful coral diving in Micronesia...


While Yap's year-round manta ray diving is its prime draw for divers, the four-island state also boasts great wall diving, caverns and reef slopes, covered with more than 200 species of soft and hard corals and teeming with tropical fish life. The manta ray dives mainly take place in channels lined with cleaning stations, while the outer reefs feature deep walls coated in corals and play host to reef sharks, turtles and eagle rays.

Lionfish Wall, in particular, offers the chance to enjoy some of the best coral diving in Micronesia. The sheer wall of soft coral is home to vibrant anemones, with introverted invertebrates hiding among them, while tuna, barracudas and sharks patrol the blue. True to the site's name, there are myriad lionfish living within the colourful fronds too, but if the current picks up they tend to slide by in a blur of colour.

Chuuk Lagoon

Formerly known as Truk Lagoon, Chuuk Lagoon is famed for being an underwater WWII wreck diving museum. During World War II, the Empire of Japan based its main (heavily-fortified) South Pacific naval base at Chuuk Lagoon, and while diving here, you may be struck by the poignant irony that vessels designed for war now support so much vibrant marine life. The Fujikawa Maru is the most well-known wreck in the lagoon, thanks to an abundance of fish and the rainbow-hued corals that encrust it, making for some of the best coral diving in Micronesia. The crane-like portside davits and the bow gun are festooned with colourful soft corals. And keep your eyes peeled while exploring the deeper sections, as neon anemones often pop out of the darkness under the illumination of a passing dive light.

Our team of well-travelled dive specialists have plied the Pacific's vast waters and are on hand to help you plan your ideal Micronesian dive odyssey. Whether you would like to explore one or both of Yap and Chuuk Lagoon, or to pair them with a trip to neighbouring Palau, we can tailor a trip filled with manta rays, reef sharks and WWII wrecks alongside some of the best coral diving in Micronesia...

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