Luxury Diving in Palau

Due to its remote location on the other side of the world, Palau isn’t on most people’s radars when it comes to planning a tropical holiday, however, with some of the healthiest reefs in the world, many of which are UNESCO-listed, you’d be a fool not to consider a luxury diving holiday in Palau.

This remote island nation comprises roughly 300 islands that are around halfway between Guam and the Philippines. It's not the easiest of places to get to, but the sheer level of marine biodiversity (Palau has over 1,300 species of fish, 300 species of soft coral, and 400 species of hard coral) makes it well worth the extra travel time.

Given its off-the-beaten-path location, Palau can't compete with the Maldives or Fiji when it comes to luxurious resorts, but the country does have its fair share of comfortable and stylish accommodations like the Palau Pacific Resort, a favourite with our team.

The Blue Corner is by far the most famous dive site in the country and a must-visit during any luxury diving holiday in Palau. Diving the Blue Corner is an exhilarating experience thanks to the changing currents and high volumes of wildlife that these currents attract. It's a fun-filled drift dive (only suitable for advanced divers), with large schools of jacks, barracudas and snappers, as well as hammerheads, tiger sharks and bull sharks if you're particularly lucky.

Other than the infamous Blue Corner, Palau's other impressive dive sites include Peleliu Wall and Helmet Wreck.

Peleliu Wall is just off Peleliu Island with an average depth of between eight to 15 metres. Peleliu Wall has a reputation as Palau's most stunning wall dive, with a plethora of coral and sea fans, and a fun swim-through halfway through the dive. Divers can encounter a wide range of creatures here, from sharks and manta rays, to groupers and turtles. The site experiences regular strong currents, making it suitable for advanced divers only.

Helmet Wreck is another must-visit dive site when luxury diving in Palau. The Japanese Army Cargo Ship was discovered in the late 1980s, and although it doesn't have an official name, it's been dubbed 'Helmet Wreck' due to the large number of helmets inside. The vessel is 189ft long, with the stern resting at 14 metres and the bow resting at 33 metres. There's lots to discover here, including piles of gas masks, ammunition and other cargo.

Palau's Blue Corner may be on many diver's bucket lists already, but with a wide range of interesting dive sites, wonderful hotels and stunning beaches, there are many more reasons why luxury diving in Palau is fantastic. If you're planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Palau, our expert team can create a tailor-made itinerary to suit your needs.

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