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Costa Rica’s eco-credentials are top-notch. Boasting 6% of the world’s biodiversity, it is the only country to reverse deforestation, it uses 98% renewable energy and is working to become the world’s first carbon-neutral nation. And when it comes to responsible travel, Costa Rica is paving the way. This tiny Central American country has been championing sustainability and tourism from the start, and all this hard work has paid off. Sandwiched between the turquoise Caribbean sea and the wild Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica boasts thick cloud canopies and rainforest, jade-green rivers, towering volcanoes and golden beaches. Among all this virgin territory, equally exotic wildlife thrives, from scarlet macaws and toucans, to sloths, howler monkeys and jaguars. Out to the coast, Costa Rica’s shores are some of the world’s premier sea turtle nesting grounds, attracting six of the seven species of sea turtle, as well as eagle rays, dolphins and sharks. In short, Costa Rica is an exotic Eden.

From our Foundation to absorbing 100% of the carbon from all our client and staff's air and ground travel, we believe that travelling ethically can be used as a force for good (see our Travel Less, Travel Better initiative), and want to ensure we shout about places that take a similar approach to travel. And responsible travel in Costa Rica is a genuine success story that we'd happily shout from the rooftops about.

Whether you want to embrace the Pura Vida lifestyle in luxury jungle eco-lodges, explore cloud forests with a passionate naturalist or lend a helping hand on Costa Rica's sea turtle nesting sites, our travel experts are pros at knowing the best places when it comes to responsible travel in Costa Rica. A special mention must go to Cocos Island - the jewel in Costa Rica's diving crown - which, located in the remote Pacific Ocean, boasts the best hammerhead diving in the world. When it comes to travelling responsibly, every little choice makes a difference, and we're on hand to ensure you can enjoy Costa Rica's mind-boggling biodiversity while helping to protect and preserve the environment.

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