Manta Point Diving Holidays: An Overview

Manta Point, on the southern side of Nusa Penida, is by far one of the most popular dive sites on the island. As a renowned manta ray cleaning station, it's no surprise that the main draw of diving Manta Point is the chance to swim with these majestic creatures.

Although encounters aren't guaranteed, we recommend diving Manta Point between March and June for the highest chance of success. The manta rays usually congregate in large groups around the rocky plateau, treating divers to a spectacular display. However, lucky divers may still come across a manta ray or two outside of this brief window.

While seeing manta rays is one of the main reasons for diving here, Manta Point is home to a wide variety of other creatures. It's not unusual to come across spotted stingrays, bamboo sharks and even Zanzibar shrimp on a typical dive.

If you're thinking about diving sites like Manta Point while visiting Nusa Penida, get in touch with our Original Diving team to discuss a custom-made itinerary for your trip.

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