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You may know Bali (a.k.a. ‘The Island of the Gods’) for its beautiful Hindu temples, sprawling rice paddies and laid-back beach bars. But it’s also home to some fantastic dive sites, with everything from colourful reefs to mysterious wrecks, making it perfect for all abilities. Learning to dive in Bali is a great choice, as the island has several beginner dive sites with shore entry, mild currents and, of course, lots to see. Unlike other popular islands around the world, Bali isn’t a hotspot for what the industry calls ‘dive factories’, and most dive shops have a low student-to-instructor ratio. It’s a wonderful island for families, and if you’re in a dive group of mixed ability, there are plenty of spots to keep advanced divers entertained. Here are some of our favourite sites for learning to dive in Bali:

Pemuteran and Menjangan

Pemuteran is on the north coast and our top choice when it comes to learning to dive in Bali. This semi-remote part of the island offers a large contrast to Bali's busier south coast and is the gateway to the incredible dive sites of Menjangan Island. In total, this region has 15 dive sites suitable for beginners and advanced divers.

Reborn Reef, Deep Middle Reef and Temple Wall are just some of the dive sites you might encounter as a new diver. Reborn Reef in Pemuteran is an easy shore dive between zero and 20 metres. As the name suggests, you'll be diving on an artificial reef, with creatures such as parrot fish, anemone fish and nudibranchs.

Deep Middle Reef is Pemuteran's only wall-like dive, five minutes by boat from the shore at depths of between six and 30 metres. Unlike Reborn Reef, here you'll have the chance to encounter larger animals like turtles and sharks. Temple Wall is a wonderful beginner site in Menjangan National Park, with a steep wall encrusted with vibrant corals and sea fans at depths of between 12 to 40 metres.


Tulamben, on Bali's east coast, has clear and calm waters, making it a fantastic place for learning to dive. You can dive there throughout the year, but during the rainy season (December to March) visibility may decrease, and big waves between August and September can make shore entry more difficult.

There are dive sites all along the Tulamben coast, from shallow reefs that are perfect for beginners to the renowned USAT Liberty Wreck, which is a brilliant first wreck dive. For new divers, we love the Tulamben Coral Garden, a shore dive with healthy corals, bumphead parrotfish and small whitetip reef sharks.

With countless beginner dive sites, Bali is a top choice for new divers. Whether you want to purely focus your time on learning to dive in Bali or balance diving with exploring the island's top attractions, our expert team can help you with planning the perfect itinerary.

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