Arborek Jetty Dive Site: An Overview

Arborek Jetty is a stunning dive site just off Arborek, a remote island at the edge of Raja Ampat's Dampier Strait. Its fantastic visibility, plus the combination of impressive macro life and large schools of fish, make it hugely popular with underwater photographers.

The site is centred around the island's main jetty which is directly in front of Arborek Village. The jetty provides the perfect conditions for marine life seeking shelter among the coral-encrusted pillars, while coral bommies further down the slope offer a nice change of scenery.

One of the highlights of diving in Arborek Jetty is the chance to get lost in the large schools of sweetlips, jack mackerels and silversides that dart in and around the jetty's pillars. Another is the sheer variety of creatures, such as electric clams, well-camouflaged frogfish and even the occasional passing manta ray or wobbegong shark.

Arborek Jetty can have strong currents from time to time, which makes it better suited to advanced divers who are used to challenging conditions.

If diving in Arborek Jetty sounds like the perfect addition to your next Raja Ampat diving trip, our expert team can help you put together your dream itinerary.

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Map of Arborek Jetty Dive Site

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