Boo Window and Boo East (Misool): An Overview

When it comes to diving, Boo Window and Boo East are about as remote as it gets, found off the Boo Island chain in the westernmost part of Raja Ampat. Although Boo Window is already well known, Boo East is nearby and is equally as beautiful, so well worth the visit.

Boo Window is renowned for its magnificent underwater topography, which looks simply spectacular through a wide-angle lens. Above the surface, the site seems like it's centred around two rocks, but beneath the water these rocks are linked by a thriving reef with multiple underwater windows and swim-throughs. In the shallows among the swaying soft corals, be sure to keep an open eye for the epaulette or 'walking' shark, one of the highlights of diving in Boo Windows, Raja Ampat.

Diving in Boo East nearby is a slightly different experience, with an abundance of colourful soft corals and vibrant coral bommies. It's a great spot for wide-angle and macro photography, with critters like soft coral cowries and butterfly fish living in the reef.

If you'd like to add diving in Boo Window and diving in Boo East to your Raja Ampat itinerary, get in touch with our Original Diving team for a customised itinerary.

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Map of Boo Window and Boo East (Misool)

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