Diving in Mansuar: An Overview

Mansuar is part of Raja Ampat, a group of far-flung Indonesian islands renowned for their fantastic diving. Mansuar, together with uninhabited Kri nearby, borders the southern Dampier Strait, an area characterised by vibrant coral reefs and bountiful fish.

While diving in Mansuar is often overlooked in favour of Kri, the island has more than its fair share of breath-taking dive sites, such as Sauwandarek Jetty, Yenbuba Jetty and West Mansuar.

Sauwandarek Jetty, which is located in a sheltered bay, is largely protected from the area's strong currents. The Jetty lies on a sloping reef, which is scattered with hard and soft corals and huge sea fans. It's a top spot for macro enthusiasts, with creatures like blue-ringed octopuses, pygmy seahorses, and nudibranchs spotted regularly. The area is also known for green turtles and large schools of batfish.

Yenbuba Jetty is a great choice for mixed-ability groups diving in Mansuar. The site has swathes of cabbage coral and an abundance of reef fish. West Mansuar on the other hand is better for advanced divers, with sharks and barracuda often spotted in the current-swept dive site.

If you're considering diving in Mansuar, get in touch with our expert team for a custom itinerary.

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