Passage Dive Site: An Overview

Passage is arguably one of the most unique dive sites in Indonesia. Nestled between Gam and Waigeo islands in Raja Ampat, this narrow channel boasts a thriving ecosystem with countless rare and unique creatures inhabiting its waters.

While the dive site has an almost fjord-like quality, largely attributed to the channel's rocky karst landscape, it has also been said that diving in Passage is akin to diving in a jungle river, thanks to its lush mangrove and rainforest-lined banks.

The nutrient-rich waters that constantly flow through the narrow channel make it an exhilarating drift, best enjoyed by advanced divers looking to discover a wide range of marine life. Divers can expect to see macro critters including yellow and pink Denise's pygmy seahorses, orange and pink Bargibanti pygmy seahorses and colourful nudibranchs.

There's also no shortage of megafauna to discover while diving in Passage, with everything from turtles, wobbegong sharks and even pelagic tuna and barracuda. Extremely lucky divers have also told tales of manta rays and eagle rays zipping through the narrow channel.

If you're considering diving in Passage next time you're in Raja Ampat, our Original Diving team has the expertise to help you put together your dream itinerary.

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