Kri Island Diving Holidays: An Overview

Kri Island, found in Indonesia's far-flung Raja Ampat archipelago, is a stunning tropical island renowned for its incredible marine biodiversity. At the crux of the coral triangle, Kri Island was first put on the map thanks to Cape Kri, a world record-breaking site with a jaw-dropping number of fish.

Cape Kri, which lies off the northeast tip of Kri Island, holds the world record for the largest number of fish recorded on a single dive - a whopping 374! The submerged ridge is inundated with colourful coral, and divers can expect to come across a wide variety of fish including bigeye trevally, reef sharks, Queensland groupers and much more.

There's more to Kri Island diving than Cape Kri though, as there are other spectacular dive sites such as Sardine Reef just a short boat ride away. Sardine Reef is a small underwater hill covered in large coral formations. The sheer abundance of fish here is breath-taking, but most notably, the site is home to three species of pygmy seahorse: bargibanti, denise and pontohi.

If you're considering Kri Island diving on your next trip to Indonesia, get in contact with our Original Diving team who can help you put together your dream itinerary.

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