Diving At Nudi Rock: An Overview

Nudi Rock is a dive site centred around a small rocky pinnacle lying just off the shores of Pulau Batbitieru in Misool, Raja Ampat. Despite the strong currents, it's one of the most popular dive sites in the area, with good visibility and an abundance of fish.

Nudi Rock is supposedly named after the rock's unique shape and three trees which resemble a nudibranch. However, the site's macro life isn't restricted to these ostentatious sea slugs, with everything from pygmy seahorses to porcelain crabs hiding out on the reef.

The north of Nudi Rock is a steep vertical wall, covered with soft corals, whereas on the south side, there's a plateau roughly seven to eight metres deep which attracts large numbers of fish when the current is running.

For large schools of barracuda, stay on the east side where there is a sandy bottom roughly 25 metres deep. Other large fish you might see when diving in Nudi Rock include groupers, whitetip and grey reef sharks, trevallies and snappers.

If you'd like to go diving in Nudi Rock next time you're in Raja Ampat, our expert team can help you put together a seamless itinerary.

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Map of Nudi Rock (Misool)

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