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The Yucatan Peninsula is famed for it's Mayan cities and beautiful beaches, but diving in the cenotes - flooded caves - is stunning. The water is so crystal clear that you almost forget that you are surrounded by water rather than air and when sunlight penetrates the water everything is sapphire blues and emerald greens.

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Travel Things I Want To Do Before I Die

  • Papua New Guinea
  • Antarctica
  • Raja Ampat
  • Galapagos
  • Namibia

Best Moments

  • While travelling in Indonesia, I went on a four day liveaboard in Komodo National Park. This was one of the most magical places both above and below the water, especially so at my favourite dive site Batu Bolong. A stunning dive: so many fish that I could hardly see my dive buddy and pristine coral - few places in the world where you can experience this nowadays. The added bonus on this trip was seeing the Komodo dragon!
  • Arrival at the Sun Gate after trekking the Inca trail was also hard to beat - views that literally take your breath away (if you haven't already lost it on the way up)!
  • Staying at Soneva Fushi in the Maldives. It's got to be one of the best hotels in the world

Toughest Travel Moment

  • Avoid fire coral at all costs. It is so named for a good reason!

Weirdest Travel Moment

  • I backpacked up the east coast of Borneo to reach the island paradise of Derawan and I spent 18 hours in the boot of a car! However on arrival there were no regrets and I was snorkelling in a lake teeming with non-stinging jellyfish and had a resident turtle that visited my hut on stilts every evening at sunset.

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Turtle and fish

Virtual Diving

Some in the travel industry fear the emergence of virtual tourism; we're not in that camp. We know that seeing somewhere on a screen - even if you are able to turn your head or move your mouse to see more - is no substitute for a real dive in a gloriously remote location. What virtual…

french polynesia

Diving the Tuamotus, French Polynesia

French Polynesia is a watery wonderland for divers. Boasting some exceptional big fish diving (think wild dolphins, schools of over 200 reef sharks, manta cleaning stations, fish spawning, big schools of barracuda and jack) in warm, tropical waters, there is so much to explore above and…


You MUST(andam) go to Six Senses Zighy Bay

I have long been a fan of Six Senses hotels and have always dreamt of being able to visit Six Senses Zighy Bay. The stunning photos of the mountains towering behind with a long stretch of sandy beach and, of course, that incredible barefoot luxury style that Six Senses do so well, put this…

An Oasis In The Red Sea

I have been lucky enough to dive in some incredible spots around the world but up until last year, I had never made it to the Red Sea so I was extremely excited when I had the opportunity to visit the Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh, a firm favourite of ours at Original Travel and Original Diving. My…

Bazaruto Beach

The best of Mozambique

Having visited Mozambique for the first time 8 years ago, I was very excited be going back to further explore the country's incredible coastline and underwater world. Following my trip in October, I am delighted to say that it did not disappoint and there were several highlights that I would…

Papua New Guinea culture

The Wonders of Papua New Guinea

Since arriving at Original Diving in 2012, Papua New Guinea has always been at the top of my travel list. Not only did the diving appeal, but the wildlife and culture is so varied that I was eager to experience it all (I have David Attenborough to thank for a lot of this!) Luckily, last…

Maldives Beach Hut and Walkway

Luxury Island-Hopping in the Maldives

In December I was lucky enough to head out to the Maldives to review some of the hotels we already feature and to explore some new ones. The Maldives is one of my favourite spots on earth: incredible luxury resorts, stunning scenery and of course, world-class diving. It is everything that…

Turtle Swimming, Philippines

Dauin Diving: Atmosphere Resort and Spa

Following my trip in the Philippines, a couple of resorts really stuck out to me as being the essence of what 'Dive in Style' is all about. In my previous blog, I mentioned a resort called Atmosphere Resort and Spa on Negros island but I wanted to expand on what I wrote there to explain…

Reef coral, Philippines

Our New Philippines Diving Destinations

In May, I went on a trip out to the Philippines to explore some new diving destinations to add to our current Philippines dive offering. I was absolutely blown away by some of the dive spots and hotels that I found and here is an overview of each.

Colourful Hermit Crab, Tanzania

Our Diving News – notes on 2013 and hopes for 2014

With a brilliant start to 2014 we thought it was time to update you on our diving news, both on how we got on last year with the new places we visited and our hopes for an exciting 2014.

Feet on beach

Family diving holidays

Are you trying to think of a new idea for your family holiday which involves a bit more than just lying on a beach? Well then look no further because we, at Original Diving, believe that one of the best family holidays you can have is a diving one.

Underwater World with Coral and Tropical Fish

Top spots for marine life in the Philippines

The high season has just begun in the Philippines and runs until June each year with clear blue skies and the opportunity to experiences the Philippines and its marine life. With 7,000 islands the diving opportunities are incredible and here are our top picks for the chance to encounter some…

Hard and Soft Coral with Sponges

Diving Tulamben in North East Bali

Following on from my trip overview blog of diving in Bali and Lombok, I wanted to focus on the area that I was most impressed in Bali: the east coast diving. I visited several resorts around the region, including Siddhartha and Scuba Seraya resort, but what really stood out to me was the…

Green Turtle Swimming

When and Where to see our Marine Life Top 5

Search no more! In this blog, Louisa talks about the best locations to find our top five marine animals:

Banded Sea Krait Swimming

Dive in Style at Amanwana, Moyo Island

Having read a lot about it both in our book Dive in Style and on the internet, I was extremely excited to be heading out there in early July to review Amanwana on Moyo Island. My expectations were high with it featuring as one of only 26 properties in the book, but from the moment I arrived…

Lamanai Ruins, Belize

Top 5 Dive and Travel Combination Holidays

We know you diving fanatics love the ocean, but ever thought of extending your trip to discover more? Look no further, here are our top five dive and travel combination holidays so that you can gain even more from the destination you visit both in, and out of the water! This list is by no…

Jetty over turquoise ocean, Seychelles

A visit to Frégate Island Private in the Seychelles

It seemed a long way to go for three nights (especially as we got stuck in Abu Dhabi airport for nine hours on the way out) however on arrival at Frégate Island Private in the Seychelles there was absolutely no doubt that this is a very special place.

Great Hammerhead Shark

Great Hammerhead Shark Diving in the Bahamas

Where in the world can you go where you are all but guaranteed close-up encounters with great hammerheads? The answer is Bimini Island in the Bahamas.

Maldives Beach Hammock

Imaginary Celebrity Diving Holidays

The world is full of possibilities when it comes to diving holidays and we are experts in creating the right trip for you. With this in mind, we thought it might be fun to dream up a few imaginary snapshot itineraries for famous people in the present. For example, where on earth would you…

Pygmy Seahorse

Our Top 5 Winter Dive Destinations

Now that winter has begun and the weather in the UK is grim to say the least, we thought it the appropriate moment to turn your attention to those parts of the globe that are enjoying warmer climes and of course some lovely diving. While you may be drenched from your commute to work in the…

Divers with Coral Wall

Types of Diving: Wall Diving

If you suffer from vertigo then it is probably best to stick to sloping reefs as opposed to drop-offs and walls, with some going down to 600m! But if heights are not an issue for you, wall diving can prove to be some of the most interesting and exciting diving you can do.

Menjangan Coral, Bali

Top Destinations for 2013

Now that we have begun the year, we thought it appropriate to outline which destinations we are most interested in for 2013 and looking to expand/add to our portfolio.

Snorkelling alongside sailing boat, Fiji

Types of Diving: Snorkelling

After a little break from our blog series on Types of Diving, we are back to talk about snorkelling.

Colourful Nudibranch

Types of Diving: Muck Diving

Third in our series of blogs on types of diving is muck diving.

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