North America Diving Holidays: An Overview

North America is probably not the first region to spring to mind when you think about a divng holiday; generally people think about big, buzzy cities like New York and Vancouver, astounding scenery and, how to put this, a supersized foodie scene (in the US, anyway). Nevertheless there is some decent diving to be found if you look carefully...

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • The States are unashamedly over-the-top, whether that's in their frankly outrageous food combinations (deep fried butter is a very real thing), or in the flash mustangs cruising down the Freeway

Our Guide to North America Diving Holidays

From a diving perspective, North America is not an obvious choice of destination but there are rewards to be had for venturing here, from the Florida Keys to Hawaii to the whales of Western Canada (a trip we hope to launch soon). Combine this with exploring on land (which we can also organise) and you have the makings of a fantastic trip.

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