USA Diving Holidays: An Overview

A continent-sized country, the United States pretty much has it all, and we have cherry-picked the very best bits. We can tailor-make trips to include experiences as different as the brash hedonism of Las Vegas and the wide open spaces of Montana, and the beaches of the Florida Keys or the majestic scenery of the Rocky Mountains.

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Why we think you’ll love it

  • The incredible diversity means the USA literally has something for everyone - cities, deserts, islands, mountains, wildlife, national parks and even rainforests, which makes it the perfect country for a truly bespoke, tailor made holiday
  • The exchange rate and the plentiful shopping opportunities mean that it's easy (almost too easy) to come home with an extra suitcase or two
  • It's fitting that, as the home of Hollywood, the hub of modern cinema, the USA has such widescreen impact - you won't experience such cinematically epic vistas anywhere else

Our Guide to USA Diving Holidays

America offers an extraordinary diversity of experiences. Our favourites? Driving the beautiful, rugged coastline of Big Sur on the west coast, or sampling the pleasures of the Big Apple on the east. We can arrange all your accommodation, car hire, guides, you name it. In between, there are natural wonders such as Yosemite National Park and the Grand Canyon, and America is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, with great skiing in Utah a particular highlight.

Excellent infrastructure and internal connections means that the country's many attractions can be easily combined with each other, or with trips to Central America, the Caribbean and Canada, to create your ideal itinerary. Add a refreshing 'can do' attitude and exemplary service, and this is a country that's a pleasure to travel around.

For scuba diving in the US, there are the Florida Keys and the treasures of Hawaii and these can easily be combined with wider exploration of the USA.

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