For years, we've been desperate for an exceptional quality diving liveaboard in the Azores. Finally, we have one in the luxurious Water & Wind. What's more, we're incredibly excited to say that we are the exclusive UK partner for the boat - so if diving in the Azores is on the to-do list, we're here to help.

manta ray and diver

World-Class Diving – Big Fish and More

The Azores is often referred to as the "last hidden treasure of Europe" - not surprising considering its beautiful topography of looming mountains and azure blue lagoons. While it's a feast for the eyes above the surface, it's what lies beneath that gets us really excited - the Azores is an immensely special diving destination. The abundance of marine life here is incredibly diverse; ranging from mantas, mobulas, blue sharks, whale sharks and a host of big pelagic life to the teeny tiny (yet just as incredible) seahorses of the deep blue. A trip to the Azores is assured to tantalize your adventurous side and, for us Europeans, it is just on the proverbial doorstep.

The potential is almost endless in terms of unique diving spots, however, the very best of the diving is on offshore sea mounts that are located in the open ocean, with the most famous one being Princess Alice close to Pico and Faial (there are several others near other islands). So... If you think of yourself as a fairly advanced diver and big fish (rather than coral) are your thing, a diving holiday in the Archipelago's crystal blue waters should undoubtedly be at the top of your bucket list.

Water and Wind – Exclusive Azores Liveaboard

As previously mentioned we are very proud to be the exclusive UK partner for the brand spanking new Water & Wind liveaboard. What makes this union even more personal is that we have been working with the owner of the boat for many years and he is one of the best operators in the Azores so this trip promises to be very special.

Liveaboards really are the best way to dive the Azores because the sea mounts are located a long way offshore, meaning if you aren't on a liveaborad you have to endure several, often bumpy, hours getting to and from the dive sites. Thus, the beauty of a liveaboard is that you not only avoid these long journeys and spend more time at the sites (when no-one else is there) but that you can readily visit multiple islands and different sites on the same trip. There is no better way to dive the Azores.

The boat itself is a brand new Helia 44 sailing catamaran that has been custom built for diving. It is very comfortable and has four cabins so there will never be more than eight people on board. Original Diving will be offering fixed departures on set dates for individuals, couples and smaller groups and you can also charter the boat privately.