In June, I took a group of journalists on the diving adventure of a lifetime; a trip to experience Komodo liveaboard diving at its very best. I left the UK unbelievably excited and returned even more so and now I just want to go back!

Komodo is occasionally being overlooked by divers at present as 'newer' Indonesian dive destinations, such as Raja Ampat, come to the fore. It shouldn't be as it remains magnificent.

Located a short flight away from Bali so relatively accessible, Komodo is home to stunningly healthy coral and great marine life. It is one of the areas in Indonesia where you can still find the big stuff. While I wouldn't call it a big fish destination you can expect mantas, sharks and lots of big life as well as the weird and wonderful smaller stuff. This is one of the main joys of diving in Komodo: anything can show up at any time which makes diving here very exciting.

We were diving Komodo in style as guests onboard the incomparable Silolona and Si Datu Bua, sailing both boats in convoy. Seeing them both at sail with the stunning backdrop of the Komodo landscape was a breath-taking site (just take a look at the end of our video). I really can't imagine a better way to dive Komodo (or elsewhere in Indonesia and beyond as the boats reposition according to the season).

One of the wonderful things about the way Patti, the owner of Silolona and Si Datu Bua, and her crew run these trips is that you not only get the great diving and standard of luxury and service on the boats you would expect, but so much more. You get a real insight into the history and cultures of the regions in which she sails and you come away feeling you have learned something. You get Komodo Dragons too which is exciting!

If you are looking for the ultimate Komodo liveaboard diving trip then this is it. It is my new life goal to get back on these boats as soon as I can!

Have you been diving in Komodo? If so, tell us about it. And do get in touch if you would like to learn about what we can offer.

Watch this video of my adventure.